Elizabeth Fraser, Painter

Elizabeth Fraser is a spirited oil painter from Portland, Maine, where she has a studio on Munjoy Hill.  She adores color and loves exaggerating it on canvas. Her work is bright, expressive, sometimes moody and includes many different subject matters, from coastal seascapes and landscapes to still lifes and pet portraits.

For Elizabeth, being an artist means soaking up the beauty that surrounds her and exploring the places and subject matters that spark something inside of her. Her goal is capture feelings from special moments through color on canvas.

In 2006 she began a 6 year daily painting project–the goal being to complete and post a painting for sale to her blog each day–and it changed her life as an artist. The exercise in discipline was extraordinary, as it helped her fine tune her ability to see compositions, colors and shapes. Thousands of paintings later, she paints most days but without the pressure of maintaining a daily painting blog.

She is known for her expressive pet portraits that resulted from her painting her own pets on a regular basis.  Painting animals is a big part of what she does, and as an animal lover and longtime vegan, it fills her heart to get to spend time making such meaningful pet pieces for people.