Charuka Arora, Visual Artist and Designer



New Delhi, India | @charukaarora

An Alumnus Of Domus Academy, Milan & Pearl Academy, Delhi.

Charuka Has Been Exhibiting Her Work Nationally & Internationally. Her Work Has Been Published in Create Magazine (U.S.A), Platform Magazine (India), Fad World Magazine (U.K), Candyfloss Magazine (U.S.A), Etc.

She Has Worked On A Few Prestigious Clients In India And Abroad With clients like Future Groups (India), Gwynnie Bee (U.S.A) Etc.

Charuka’s Personal Work Investigates On The Emotional & Psychological

Aspects Of An Urban Woman’s Life & Her Quest For Identity.In Context To The Ever-Changing Environmental, Cultural & Political Times Of The 21st Century.

She Creates Pieces That Frequently Begin With A Response From Her Personal Experiences In Life But Are Eventually Evolved Further Into Something Much More Than Her.

Creating Mosaics And Compositions Journaling using ornaments & embroidery materials. These Thoughts Especially In Context To Contemporary Issues Like Gender, Sexuality, And Environment That Play A Predominant Role In The Shaping Of The Women Of Today And Tomorrow | @charukaarora | Visual Artist and Designer