Chantel Bettencourt, Painting

Chantel Bettencourt is an evocative expressionistic painter living in Halton Hills, ON. Primarily focusing on painting landscapes with expressive palette knife techniques with acrylic on wood canvas. She Graduated from Visual and Creative Arts and Sheridan College in Oakville ON.

Her journey into art and mental health began to unfold in January 2021. Not only did painting allow her to express her pent-up emotions, but it also brought her a feeling of inner peace and got her into a meditative state of mind.  Her love of art was reinstated.  Chantel knew she needed to continue painting, tell her story, and help others feel less alone by seeing their emotions expressed through art.

She is an advocate for mental health and donates 5% of proceeds towards the Canadian Mental Health Association.

"I love creating timeless original artwork for those who want to encapsulate a memory or emotion that has moved them.

I use my love of movement with the palette knife to dance the colours and figures around the canvas in an expressionist style. All while staying authentic to the feeling of the painting with my unique vision.

I am inspired by nature and textures to convey evocative paintings. Painting is my personal form of meditation, and therapy. By putting my soul into each of my paintings, it has help promote self-exploration and awareness into the darkest and lightest parts of my mental and emotional health."