Brandi Hofer, Painting

Since becoming a mother in 2014 Hofer has been involving her children in her painting process, creating a 44-piece series with her then 2-year-old son. Brandi continues to be extremely prolific at her in-home studio, creating custom commissioned pieces as well as several bodies of self-motivated artworks.  Hofer is a well collected Canadian Artist, exhibiting internationally and across Canada. Her main focus is figurative and portraiture painting, she explores themes of empowerment, the female psyche, and emotional self. Her work has been featured on national television and found in international publications. She has experience in creating custom artworks for designers and has recently translated her artwork into large-scale murals. In 2011, she attended residencies at Red Deer College, Toronto Island, the Marnay Art Centre outside of Paris France, and was part of artist Robin Lambert's project in Montreal, Quebec. She was listed as the online Saatchi Gallery’s “Artist to Watch” feature on their website. Most recently her work appeared in HGTV’s House of Bryan, Bryan Inc, and has been published in The World of Interiors Magazine and a General Motors commercial.

Brandi Hofer's studio where she works and creates is located in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.  Brandi Hofer was born in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan in 1986. She studied in Red Deer, Alberta, at Red Deer College from 2004 - 2006 before transferring to the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008. She has been ambitiously perusing her career upon attaining her BFA degree. | @brandihoferartist | Painting


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